Our Policy in Human Resources

➙ Employers are accepted and employed for talents and suitable specifications for vacant seats.

➙ Providing the possibility of presentation and self-development of the employees according to their competence and talents.

➙ Respect the character of employee, and protect all their rights.

➙ Establish the appropriate atmosphere and provide human relations for employees to increase their desire to work.

➙ Guide staff to success, and provide appropriate facilities by certification, talent and employee information, and reward successful work.

➙ Staffs are employment and trained according to the vacant seats in the academy.

➙ Not hiring more than necessary. Provide employee access to the maximum efficiency in the work according to his specifications and talents.

➙ Making the work attractive in academia by meeting the employee 's social and cultural needs, making the employee make use of social assistance and services (as a measure of potential).

➙ Provide the possibility of development and rise in the ranks of work and work security of the employee talented and successful at work.

➙ Intimation employees in matters that concern them in a timely manner and the possibility of the employee delivering the topics and problems in a timely manner to the managers and so on by, developing the assets and the possibility of communication within the academic.

➙ Providing the possibility of self-development and elevation of office through effective teaching programs.

➙ Maintaining the spirit of work and high morale at the highest level for all employees no matter what their position.

"Respect, Honesty, Loyality & Trust, Team Work, Excellence" Our Guiding Principles.
- Akademi Sancak -