Working Ethic Rules

➙ Sancak Academy is linked to the highest moral standards and activities according to the legal systems of the Republic of Turkey and the regulations of the countries that deal with it.

➙ They are the foundation of the values and tasks of the Sancak academy, legal and moral work.

➙ Our goal is to be leaders in the fields of education and services without sacrificing our core values and estimation.

➙ The Sancak Academy carries out its tasks either directly or through backing with contractors. The Academy performs its duties outside the country with the consent and support of the Turkish Republic and in accordance with the laws and regulations of the countries concerned. While its completion in accordance with the laws and regulations of the Republic of Turkey within the country.

➙ Without detriment to our institutional identity to those persons representing our academia .

➙ Employees and other parties, prior to carrying out a suspicious work, they are responsible for the proper study of the project in order to prevent any illegal or immoral act.

➙ Employees can question and seek help from their managers when they have questions or concerns about ethical laws or about harmony. And others who need guidance can communicate with the president of the Sancak Academy.

"Respect, Honesty, Loyality & Trust, Team Work, Excellence" Our Guiding Principles.
- Akademi Sancak -