Basic Training

     -ACS aims to;
     -Create a person of a military nature with necessary must-have qualifications such as esprit de corps and brothers-in arms spirit.
     -Teach how to use the weapons, weapon systems and necessary equipment
     -Teach how to familiarize with and make advantageous use of the terrain where they can turn their theories into experience in the field and also teach the techniques of Movement to Contact
     -Provide the personnel with the highest level of enduring physical conditions that would help him cope with and maneuver at the most rugged terrains.
     -Provide the personnel with skills and knowledge of sharp shooting
     -Train the personnel with leadership qualities enough to command and control at team or squad level and to provide the basic knowledge of first-aid ın case of emergency.

"Respect, Honesty, Loyality & Trust, Team Work, Excellence" Our Guiding Principles.
- Akademi Sancak