Commando & SOF Training

Best-in-class trainers
Pyhsical robustness & core military skills
Homeland security & combating terrorism

Armored Units Training

Tank/ACV Crew Trainig
Tank/Mechanised Infantry Platoon Training
Tank/Mechanised Infantry CT Training
Tank/Mechanised Infantry BTF Training
Combat Service Support Training
Tank/ACV Simulation Training

Helicopter Simulator Training

Sikorsky Blackhawk Pilot Recurrent Training(Flight Simulator)
Helicopter Instrument Flying Ground Course
Sikorsky Blackhawk Pilot Type Rating

Law Enforcement Training

Basic Law Enforcement Training
Advance Law Enforcement Training

Close Protection & Security Training

Close Protection on Foot & with Vehicles
Close Protection & Security at Residence & Office
Special Driving Techniques & Tactics
Shootting Techniques

Special Case Trainings

Border Security Training
Peace Support Operations Training
CIMIC Training
Military Leadership & Management Course
Forensic Sciences Course
Firefighting Training
C-IED Awareness Course
Disaster Relief OPs Training

Cultural Awareness Training

Foreign Companies in Turkey.

War Academi & College Establishment

Establishment/restructuring military academies and colleges.
Sustainable training and education system with contemporary standards.
Tactical and operational level planning.
High command and strategic planning.

Logistics Management & Maintanance Training

Logistics Management Training
Maintenance of Airmobile Assets & Maintenance Training
Maintenance Of Tanks & Armored Vehicles and Maintenance Training